Is the Travis Pastrana figurine exhaust plug really approved by Travis Pastrana? 

Yes. Founder and inventor of the figurine exhaust plugs Ben Crouch personally reached out to Travis Pastrana and received his personal approval to produce them. 


How can I recommend a new version to be made of another famous FMX or MX rider? 

Just reach out to us via email or direct message through one of our social media outlets and we will take any suggestions on board. We have many new figurine exhaust plug versions in the making. But we would appreciate your personal requests along with any improvements you would like to see in the future. We are always open to innovation and improvements for our customers and we strive to produce the best for everyone. 


What is the lanyard used for? 

The lanyard is there as an option to allow you to attach the figurine exhaust plug to your frame or exhaust, in case it ever fell out during transport over rough roads. It also helps prevent other people stealing them as they are such a cool product. We want you to enjoy such a unique product for your sport or hobby. 


How durable is the figurine exhaust plug? 

Like all products in general, figurine exhaust plugs can also break and chip when miss handled. But the FMX All Star figurine exhaust plugs are made out of quality solid resin with clear protective coating to help make them as durable as possible. We also don't recommend spraying directly up close on them with high pressure water blasting cleaners. Just like the decals on your bike, they can only withstand so much direct water force. 


What size is suited to my exhaust? 

Measure your exhaust outlet size and match it to the best suited plug available on our site from the 3 options. Ideally you want the rubber plug to sit deep into the exhaust with only 2 rubber exhaust plug ribs protruding out of the tip. You can trim the rubber plugs shorter to get the desired fit. This allows the figurine attachment to sit nice and flush near the exhaust tip. More information can be found on the instruction page on this site which also includes photos.


What warranty is included with the figuring exhaust plug? 

We strive for quality products and customer service. If there is a genuine manufacturing issue please contact us via email and we will work out a solution with you. 


When is a figurine exhaust plug used?

Use it for when you are washing your pride and joy, to prevent water and mud getting into the exhaust and engine. Also recommended for traveling on those long trips to the track. 


Does this gear knob fit all vehicles?

Unfortunately it can't fit all vehicles, it is designed for manual vehicles with threaded gear sticks. But it will fit the most common manual gear sticks with threads, due the the extra 3 adapters we supply free with the gear knob. Sizes are listed on the instruction page. We can also supply a custom thread size if needed, just hit us up with the correct thread required via email and we will see what we can do. Or if you have the tooling and knowledge, you can also tap out the thread to the desired size at your own risk. 


Is the thread locker required?

It is not essential but we recommend you do use thread locker to ensure the gear knob stays tight and in the desired position. We recommend Loctite medium or high strength, readily available at tool, automotive and motocross stores.


Why don't you supply the thread locker with the gear knob?

Thread locker is a fluid and that increases the cost for postage of products significantly. Also most people will have thread locker in their tool box for bike maintenance anyway. So we wanted to save you a lot of money on postage by not supplying something you might already have. It is also readily available at tool, automotive and motocross stores. 


How tight do I do the gear knob up?

You only need to tighten it up enough that it is in the desired position and firm. To not overtighten, we suggest you use your fingers to do it up and not your whole hand gripping it. It's just not required to be very tight and may cause stripping of the resin thread if over tightened.